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Monday, March 25

happenings on the farm...

It's been a whirlwind of activity on the farm lately...

college visits with my sweet ballerina (where do the years go?)

preparations for an Eagle Scout project (my little man always laughing...again, time flies!)

And repair work started on the barn.

I wanted to share these photos I took while the roof was off...I thought the lighting was beautiful, and with any luck (meaning the roof holds tight!) we won't have the opportunity to see this again.

Maybe not everyone loves the old, chippy, primitive look...but it's my favorite. A barn filled with history...pegs, the faded remnants of a large painted Pepsi logo, wooden ladders, old silos, and stalls (just waiting to be filled...right, hubby?) 

Hey, everyone has their dreams...and I'm not getting any younger! Mine is to create a spot that my ballerina and laughing boy can come home to and relax from the hustle & bustle. A place they can one day bring their families to unwind and enjoy the quiet, the sound of owls in the woods, train whistles in the distance, peepers in the creek, and silence. A place for camp-outs in Maizy or a family-size tent, making s'mores and gazing at the stars. A place filled with sunflower gardens, sweet animals, and a little roadside stand.

"Keep your eyes on your dreams; however distant and far away."

-Jeffrey R. Holland


  1. So love the light shining through your barn. Janice

    1. Thanks so much Janice...sometimes the way the sunlight hits an object is just so pretty to me...glad you agree!

  2. Just dropping in, I see you have an Eagle Scout....I am a new Eagle mom myelf, time....flies...when they are cub scouts seems so long till they are done with scouting....and her we are.....just 2 days ago...our journey is completed, and his continues on. Very nice blog.....

    1. Hi Faith...thanks for dropping a note. We're learning that an Eagle Project is quite the job. So glad you made it through...you can be proud of all your son's hard work...it's an amazing accomplishment! I'm looking forward to visiting your blog!


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