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Wednesday, January 30

swings & roundabouts...

swings & roundabouts.
six of one, half-dozen of another.
six and two threes.

However you say it, it means things even out.

Now I love a good January snowstorm, and once I know we're all safely settled in, along with the goats and chickens, barn cats and dog, a heavy snow gets me in the nesting frame of mind...I want to bake, watch a Cary Grant movie, and cozy up under a quilt.

However; when rain is predicted in January, and we know the temperature is going to plummet the same night, it is not something to look forward to.

First, 5 inches of snow settled on the farm, leaving drifts around the barns that were knee-high. Lovely snow...the picture-perfect kind of snow made for snowmen, sledding, and snow ice cream!

Then it came...within a couple of days the temperature raised to 42 degrees followed by pouring rain. At night it dropped to 18 degrees, and everything froze. We watched as the ice collected on the tree branches and powerlines...our farm is the last home on our power provider, which translates into being the last to be repaired if needed. We were as prepared as possible with wood stacked handily by the back door, kerosene heater filled, gasoline standing by for the generator, and candles ready to light. On nights like these, the kitchen sink tap is turned to a slow drip and we sleep a little restlessly.

Luckily for us, the power stayed on...all is well. A trip up the ladder to break ice in the gutter and the downspout, then a little brute strength to open car doors, and we were just fine.

This morning, I can hear ferocious winds whistling through the tall pines and see the branches swinging. Old Man Winter is rattling the windows and sending an icy blast through any nook and cranny that can be found in this 155-year old farmhouse. Yes, it's been much colder, so we are fortunate, while so many spots around the country are brutally cold. In our part of the Midwest it's -5 with a wind chill of -25...local schools sensibly decided to cancel classes for the next two days. 

We'll be outside to check on animals about every 4 hours and that means bundling up head-to-toe...Carhartt® overalls and a down vest, heavy coat, boots, gloves, and winter face masks. Warm? Yes. Stylish? Well, that depends on your sense of style...warmth over fashion for me today!

And so, how does this relate to swings and roundabouts? It means things all even out.

The temperature being forecast for next Tuesday is 55 degrees.


Hope wherever you are,  you're safe, warm, and cozy!


  1. It's bad here in Ringle, WI too. This old farm house has all the blinds and curtains drawn...keeps it warmer. Carharts on, off, on off....I get that! Your pictures are lovely tho....

    1. Oh my...I just checked the temperatures in Ringle...-10 for a high and -28 for a low! You definitely need bundling up...great idea to draw the curtains. Keep warm up there...I'm thinking it's hot chocolate time, too!


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