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Monday, December 17

last Christmas...

Today's post is short & sweet...

for far too long I've sadly counted down to our daughter's last Christmas at home.  And here it is...she's a senior now, and you know too well, how time does fly.

Days have been spent trying to make the "perfect" Christmas, wrapped around juggling admissions paperwork, calendering deadlines for college applications, planning college visits,
and general wear & tear on the heart.

And so today my thoughts went back to possibly the best post I've ever read about Christmas.
If you haven't read "Just. Stop." by City Farmgirl Rebekah Teal, do it now. 

Hop over to this link and I'll just bet after you've read it, you will give a sigh of relief. 

We all know what to do...keep it simple, be there, enjoy every moment.
Time flies...whether we're having fun or not.  Let's choose fun!


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