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Wednesday, September 27

it's that time...

Join me for a walk around the farm this week, I'm feeling very...

goldenrod in bloom...the last big hurrah for honeybee winter food storage

hot sun streaming down on the fields...

garden bounty ready to become homemade pasta sauce...

the juiciest, sweetest pears...our first big harvest from this tree!

apples...ready for apple butter!

lovely blooms...these will dry beautifully

the crunch of leaves underfoot...

and the true sign of harvest time!

The soybeans are in...the fields are strangely empty. And while the corn isn't quite ready yet, it won't be long. With days and days of temperatures hitting 90 degrees, I'm looking forward to a break in the weather...a break the local news has promised will be coming tomorrow!

Like so many of you, we're on the doorstep of my favorite time of year; Fall! A time of harvest moons, crisp apple cider, the scent of woodsmoke, and sweater weather! October will bring more Farm Flicks (bonfires, hayrides, and outdoor movies) with friends, along with a Glamping night with best girlfriends (we call ourselves the Domestic Goddesses!)

Ahhh, a time of busyness, but a time to feel oh-so...


  1. A wonderfully busy but literally fruitful time on the farm! So beautiful from your photos too!

    1. It's always so nice to see you've stopped by, thanks for leaving a note! The weatherman was right...it was 25 degrees cooler today and truly felt like Fall...loved it so much, I began fall decorating!


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