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Sunday, April 30

spring cleaning...still

Spring cleaning is here,
I'm sorry to say,
Was not in March,
And here it is May!
March was too cold,
And April too fine,
To sweep remote corners,
And polish and shine.
But in this fair month,
I have motivation
If I don't clean house now,
I'll miss summer vacation!

-author unknown

Oh yes, it's been an on-going adventure since February...because I know if I don't start then, I'll never finish! (153 year-old farmhouses have oodles of nooks and crannies that seem to need attention.)

For such as task as this, it's best to have a good friend to share the "joy" with. My girlfriend Kathy and I have found that a brisk morning walk provides the fuel needed to get our homes in order. After an hour of chatting, catching up, and solving the world's problems, we are ready to dive into the day's To-Do List.

And so, armed with an assortment of items guaranteed to make the house sparkle and shine, the days are spent moving from room to room tackling everything from dust bunnies to the endless papers that seems to collect quite nicely in a vertical filing system. 

Throughout the day Kathy and I text one another to keep our motivation strong:

"I've just finished painting the last wall in the bedroom!" she excitedly tells me.

"That's great! I'm tackling paperwork." I tell her. "I can see the bottom of the desk!"

Back and forth we go, encouraging one another to keep moving on and sharing in the success as a job is crossed off our lists.

Sometimes, on a fine spring day, I'll take a break...which if I'm not careful, can quickly become a pitfall of spring cleaning. I'll step outside and sit in a favorite vintage, springy chair and listen to the birds singing, bees buzzing, and laugh as I watch the chicken races the girls are having in the run.  

I'm still working on my fiddle playing, and these cool and breezy days are just perfect to be outside, sitting in one of those springy chairs. I'm just starting to learn something new, A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, which is an old song written in 1826. Take a listen here as the group Fiddlesticks shares their version. I hope to be this good some day...

Okay break time is over...I know I should feel like this, 

(photo source: http://theglamoroushousewife.com)

but honestly, I'm looking more like this!

(photo source: http://budget-maids.com)

Happy day friends!

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