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Tuesday, January 10

I love, Love, LOVE snow days!

When I look out the window and see this...

and this...

and then get a text alert that school is cancelled...I do a happy dance and build this!

Because I absolutely love snow days (or in our case, today was an ice day)!

I love that we all get to sleep in a little more...it's so wonderful settling back under the warm flannel sheets and cozy quilts. And finally, when I do pull myself out, I want to sneak downstairs before the kids are up and make cinnamon rolls...there's just something about waking up to that aroma...mmm.

The house is quiet, except for the crackle of wood in the fireplace, and soon I am sitting right in front of the hearth. Az, the orange tabby who stole our hearts when he appeared on the doorstep, is quite content to be curled up on a favorite blanket.

A crackling fire, a purring cat, and the sweet aroma of cinnamon rolls...these "always" things warm my heart. I will never forget my son asking for real hot chocolate several years ago. Looking at me he said, "You know, the kind made with love?" 

At home by the fire on this frosty day, I am keenly aware of how good life is.

A new year is here...time to ponder, time to plan...what will we do with the days given us? 

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