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Thursday, September 22

so God made a farmer...

The harvest has begun...

as the combines bring in corn and bales of hay are stacked in the 90-degree heat, this came to mind...I hope you feel the spirit that comes from Paul Harvey's words.


  1. Oh my! 90 degrees to bring in hay bales!
    Hope all goes well this harvest!

    1. Thanks Christine! It's supposed to be in the 40's at night next week...my kind of weather!

  2. I like your list of "Things We Love". I like many of those things too! I have to make one of those on my own bog, thanks for the idea! Will take some thought...

    I like your title, acknowledging God! I can't listen to a video where we are now, but I do like Paul Harvey a lot and will do so as soon as I get somewhere with good internet.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sheryl...I think it's a terrific video, it always makes me stop and think, and touches my heart. I'll come visit Providence Acres!


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