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Wednesday, August 24

family history and hollyhocks...

A short post on this cool summer morning to share a photo..

Matilda Robey...I discovered this old photo while working on my genealogy. I've always loved hollyhocks, and have them in my garden. When I looked at those stately hollyhocks in the background, I wondered if she loved them as well...a trait handed down through the generations of my family tree.:

My daughter and I help in our church's Family History Center twice a month,
and on our last visit, I found this photo had been added to our family tree.

Her name is Matilda, and as I gazed at the photo, I became lost wondering about her.
The dress (oh-so warm in summer) the pin (a gift or maybe handed down?)  & shawl
(surely handmade), the clapboard home behind her with the pretty window trim. 

And those stately hollyhocks..so beautiful. I wonder if she loved them as much as I do...a trait handed down through the generations, maybe?

Have you done any digging into your family tree? What treasures have you discovered? You may want to give it a try...there's so many wonderful stories and photos to bind the generations.


  1. That is surely a wonderful photo to come across! It is fascinating to think how they lived in days gone by and this lady's dress and shawl are lovely!
    Hope you have a lovely day!

    1. At least for me, hollyhocks bloom in July...I can't imagine the long sleeved, full-length dress in the summer heat. I'd love to wear one in winter though! I'll have to do more research on her and see what tidbits I can find. Thanks for stopping by! -Mary


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