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Monday, April 18

thanks a bunch Capper's Farmer!

It's always such fun to find a surprise in the mailbox...especially when it's one from Capper's Farmer! Love those folks...their magazine is always filled with easy tips, practical advice, yummy recipes, and inspiration for the garden.

And lucky me, this spring I was invited to be a part of their newest issue!

I've shared my quick & easy how-to's for making your very own oil lamp, and it's ready in almost no time at all. Try using quart-size Mason jars for a table centerpiece or march several sweet little jelly jars across the mantel of your fireplace. These oil lamps add a little flickering light on a picnic table at sunset, and should the electricity go out, you'll find they're not only pretty, but practical, too!

My heartfelt thanks to the Capper's Farmer folks...


Christine said...

Well done! Congrats on being featured in the magazine! It's a great idea & I'm sure you enjoyed reading the rest of the magazine!

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Thanks for the good wishes - I always learn something new for me, too!

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