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Monday, February 1

thoughts for the new year...

Okay, so am I the only one sorting, washing, digging in? I keep telling myself 
"This is the year!"

I can't do everything on my wish list, but I can do some things.

Hmmm, the kitchen will get a sprucing up after a winter's leaky roof.  I mean, really, if I have to paint the ceiling, won't that make everything else just look dull?

It would be wrong not to freshen up the entire kitchen...after all, I still have this vintage find waiting for me!

And the bathroom...ahhh, the bathroom. Remind me...when was PINK the "in" color? Not that there's anything wrong with pink...really, truly...it's just not, uh, me.

So here's my thought for the year...

photo found on the inspirational blog, Home in New England (http://homeinnewengland.blogspot.com/)
What a lovely thought...
Now, if you visit the old farmhouse...I ask that you kindly remember there are only so many hours in the day, so progress may not be as speedy as I'd like.
After all... 
there are more important things...

Happy Monday, friends!

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