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Monday, September 28

enjoy the season you are in...

This is the season we are in...


and although we're setting out plump pumpkins and cheery mums, the season we find ourselves in, is Nutcracker season.

Sweet Girl finds her weekends filled with seemingly endless hours of rehearsals, aching feet and toes, along with pure exhaustion...but also, a smile so bright.
Yes...life ought to be enjoyed at every stage.

Thank you Sweet Girl for sharing this stage with us.


  1. What a beautiful picture and sweet post. This one is close to my heart. When I was very small, I wanted to take ballet lessons. I took piano lessons instead -- mostly because we had a piano teacher available in our small town. But ballet is still close to my heart, and I always wonder "what if?!" Enjoy this happy ballet season!

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I understand your feelings...I've always wanted to play the fiddle, and yet time seems to have gotten away from me. As I've become older, I keep coming back to it...every time I hear Ashokan Farewell I get the itch to learn again. I actually bought a violin last year, and a book titled "Old time fiddle for the complete ignoramus!" Hmmm, maybe fall/winter is a good time to begin again. Always love the fiddling I hear/read about on your blog.


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