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Thursday, August 20

a big thanks to GRIT magazine!

A trip to the mailbox is a daily event...sometimes we find surprises, most times we find junk mail, and sometimes, well you know...bills.

Have I ever shared that our mail-lady's name is Betsy Ross...doesn't that make you smile? She's so friendly and always waves, and until just recently still drove her car, while sitting in the passenger seat, to deliver mail.

It always amazed me how she managed to drive that way with nary an accident.  Now she's sporting a new USPS mail truck...and while I'm sure it's much easier to maneuver, it's also one of those "passing of an era" events...mailmen and women using a series of tactical movements to drive with their left foot on the gas pedal!

Anyway, back to collecting the mail...this week, Betsy brought me a fun surprise from the editors at GRIT magazine...they gifted me with their Homemade Bread Special Issue...yay!  Inside are lots of yummy recipes along with tips & tricks for baking up loaves of wonderful bread, biscuits, bagels, and more. So whether you're new to bread baking, or a seasoned expert, I bet you'll find something new to try.


Soon a quick flip through the issue landed me on page 8...and what did I see?

My recipe for The Perfect Loaf...an oh-so easy recipe for bread baked in a clay pot. It's crisp on the outside, and chewy inside...mmm, perfect with dipping oils or pasta dinners (you know, for soaking up all that yummy sauce that's left on your plate!)

And so to the Editors at GRIT...

my wholehearted thanks. I'm thrilled to be included in this magazine...thanks so much for inviting me to share my recipe!


  1. That's wonderful; congratulations! Recently, I bought a couple of heart shaped clay flower pots, never used, that might be perfect for bread. Hmmmm.

    1. Thanks, and that shape sounds fun! Mine clay pot was made for baking in, but I've tried flower pots before too...they work just fine. Some sites suggest soaking them for 20 minutes, then covering the hole in the bottom to keep the rising dough from peeking through. Just check online and look for flowerpot bread recipes...there are many to choose from and lots of helpful suggestions! -Mary


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