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Wednesday, December 31

New Year's resolutions...

Time flies...I can't believe it's the end of another year! 

And being the obsessed list-maker that I am, yep...there are resolutions being jotted down.

I ran across this quote today...and it was just what I needed.

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Ahhh, yes...loads of laundry, oodles of Legos, piles of paperwork, teetering stacks of books, boxes of board games...you know the drill. 

Over the years I've visited homes that looked as if they came from the pages of a magazine...sheer perfection. I often come home, let out a big sigh, and dive into some chocolate. However; not long ago, a friend brought the reality of it all to me...those homes have children that are grown and on their own or in college...toys have been packed away, games stored in the closet, laundry for two.

And while I certainly need to be better at my home-keeping skills (dust bunnies, anyone?), my resolution for 2015 is to not let the Legos and laundry get me down. Little Man (can I still call him that?) is in his last year of elementary school. The last year for school parties, classroom birthday celebrations, and playgrounds with swings and monkey bars. Sweet Girl will enter high school next fall...how is that possible?

As the saying goes...Time flies - whether you're having fun or not.

Welcome 2015! Time for more fun, less fuss! 

And so (as I step over Legos) it's time to celebrate New Year's Eve here on the farm ~ time for snacks, games, and our annual camp-out under the Christmas tree! When the clock strikes midnight, you'll find us outside banging pots & pans, like we always do, welcoming in the shiny new year.

Wishing you a new year filled with happiness and FUN!

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Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Very well said... as an empty nester myself I can certainly agree and I know it's hard to slow down and live in the moment when children are young and life is busy.
Best wishes in the new year,

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