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Tuesday, September 23

"the worst winter ever"?

Yep...that's what the old-timers are saying...the worst winter ever is coming.
Last winter, we saw the temperature plummet to -29. 

MINUS. Twenty. Nine.

Could it really get worse?

This is the Mid-west...it should be cold in winter. When the snow falls, I conjure up old-fashioned visions of sleigh rides, frosty snowmen with carrot noses, days off from school spent enjoying movie marathons, buttery popcorn, and mugs of chocolaty cocoa by a crackling fire. Ahhh...

However, the signs are there...

Azreal, our cat, is putting on a heavy coat...and a few extra pounds.
The bees have sealed the hives so tightly, it's been hard to open them to look inside.
Twice this month we've found the temperature to be 36 degrees as we stepped outside.  Brrr.

And so, keeping in mind that the old-timers really do know best, weekends have found The
Big Guy and Little Man insulating the chicken coop to be sure the girls will be cozy. Next on our to-do list we'll be adding to the barn to keep the goats even warmer...today I ordered more hay. Over the weekend I took off the last of the honey from our hives, and soon we'll be tucking them in for a long winter's nap.

However, with all that said, let's enjoy the season we are in! It's officially Fall..my favorite time of year, and so, join us as we take a walk around the farm.


Wherever you are, happy Fall friends!

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