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Monday, September 16

the colors of summer...

A snapshot of the garden's variety of peppers...the colors seemed oh-so pretty together, especially that pop from the purple bell pepper.

The garden bounty is winding down...it's a bittersweet time. And while I love the crispness of fall and all the color it brings, I'll certainly miss the savory taste of sun-warmed tomatoes, sweet, juicy peaches, and the vivid colors found in the pepper patch.

Just wanted to share...

"It is a glorious privilege to live, to know, to act,
to listen, to behold, to love. 
To look up at the blue summer sky;
to see the sun sink slowly
beyond the line of the horizon;
to watch the worlds come twinkling into view,
first one
by one, and the myriads that no man can count, and lo!
the universe is white with them;
and you and I are here."

-  Marco Morrow  


Patty Sumner said...

The colors of those peppers are just beautiful! Ihave seen so many posts on Fall colors but those some of the best. Blessings!

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Thanks Patty...they're not usually what comes to mind for "fall colors" but they were so pretty together. Now...what to do with all of them?!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Beautiful photo and words. I ♥ the pepper colors. The only pepper variety I planted this year was the purple. Maybe I'll branch out a li'l next year... ;) Happy Fall to you and yours! -Tammy

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Tammy, the purple ones were so pretty...I hadn't seen that variety here before! And happy fall to you as well...the temps are chilly here and the leaves are turning...my favorite time of year!

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