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Wednesday, April 17

on my wish list...

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For my birthday I was gifted with a bag of goat treats, colorful goat leads complete with matching buckets (orange, pink, yellow, blue & lime green...I'm sure Sweet Girl had something to do with the color choices!

Also tucked inside was a certificate stating that...
"The bearer of this certificate is authorized to acquire up to three (3) goats for her enjoyment."

What more could a girl ask for?

It's officially...
The Year of the Goat!


  1. Happy Birthday, can't wait to see the goats.

  2. Happy Birthday ! Oh my how fun , looking forward to seeing the Goats ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. Happy birthday! Now that is a fabulous gift!

  4. Boy, some women get diamonds... some women get perfume... and you get GOATS. You are my kinda gal, Mary! Can't wait to see the new additions to your barnyard.

  5. Happy Birthday! And oh my, what a wonderful year it will be. I can't wait to watch and learn. ; )


  6. Thanks ladies for all the sweet birthday wishes! I can't wait either!

    Since we're just getting our feet wet & now is the time those adorable kids are being born, I think this year will be a year of much learning...evidently the little cuties are expert escape artists! (Any fencing tips would be most welcome.) Friends are expecting new kids in a couple of weeks, so our time will be well spent being taught by them. We'll keep you posted!


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