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Thursday, August 23

snapshots of summer...

It was 49 degrees yesterday morning...summer is fading. And while we may resist this notion, something inside tells us it's time to move on. There are gentle reminders...cooler mornings, the slant of evening shadows, shorter days, the first day of school.

Yes, we're teetering somewhere between summer and autumn...it's a bittersweet time.

And so, before it disappears completely, here are a few photos of our summer. Some taken here on the farm, some on vacation, but all filled with sweet memories.

a busy bee from our new hive...
an adorable llama...look at those ears!
flamingos at the National Zoo...
a roadside stop on our travels...
columns in the Jefferson Memorial...
a cool sip of water for butterflies & bees...
a painted barn on a country road...

Soon our kitchen will be filled with the sweet aroma of grape jam, followed by simmering pots of savory tomato sauce. We'll dig potatoes, plant fall lettuce (mostly for the chickens to enjoy!), and stack a wood pile close to the door.

The kids will look for woolly worms to see if they predict a cold winter, and the last county fair coming up is our very favorite.

Yes, it's a time of change...but as the we've heard before, to every ending, there is a beginning. Let's savor it all...gathering, putting by, cool mornings, and lovely evenings with a coppery glow. Yes...life is good.


  1. This time of year for us it can be fall like one minuet and humid summer the next ! It has been fall like the past few days and now we are back into humidity ! The kids here go back to school the first week of September and our fairs are the first weekend of September here .We here are also slowly getting ready for fall , chopping firewood to put up by the house and store in the wood shed , pulling all the warmer coats and cloths out . I do love the fall. Lovely post and photos , have a great day !

  2. What a wonderful post, and the picture of the butterfly and the bee is phenomenal! I'll think about summer as I'm outside working today!

  3. Yes Summer does feel like its leaving us! Richard


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