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Friday, March 30

did you miss me?

Wait...no need to answer that...maybe I don't want to know!

Let me tell you where I've been.

On March 15 thunderstorms and lightning rolled through in the night. Storms that rattled us from a nice, cozy slumber. Storms that brought cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning way too close for my comfort level.

We woke up to find that all was well outside...the tall pines, maples, and oaks that surround our old home had held on tightly and stood strong through the night. However; our quick "What's going on in the world this morning?" computer check, found that the storms did quite a Texas Two-Step with our computer and printer...even though they were "safely" plugged into a surge protector.

Alas...for a girl who loves simple, old-fashioned ways, I've certainly missed our computer! And while we're just now getting plugged back into the world, I dread the task of trying to transfer files from our backup to the new pc. I am grateful; however, that files, photos, and "must-haves" were able to be saved for us to restore.

And so you ask, what have I been doing while unconnected to the world? Well, spring cleaning is
in full swing (I firmly believe that toys and dust bunnies multiply) and with days that have brought temperatures in the 80's, a little outdoor sprucing up has been going on as well. I'm hanging sheets on the clothesline...oh how sweet they smell, and making garden plans. When it's this warm, I'm so tempted to plant flowers and veggies early, but those temps in the 80's aren't common for us in March, and twice this week we've covered fruit trees when frost warnings were issued.

And so I'm happy to be back to "normal" and will sign off by sharing a few glimpses of spring
as she's arrived at our farm.

I hope wherever you are, all is well!


  1. So much for surge protectors. but, I do love a good storm. When there is enough lightening, I do unplug things just so they don't unplug me! Gorgeous photos. The blooms look delicious!!

    1. Agreed...lesson learned, we'll be unplugging "just in case" from now on! I love thunderstorms too...sitting on the porch, enjoying the lightning show...but at a distance! Thanks for your kind words and for dropping by. -Mary

  2. Why as a matter of fact, I did miss you! : )

    I'm glad all is well...replacing a computer is not a good thing but better than a roof which I was afraid for a moment where you were headed. Whew!


    1. It's amazing the strength of these old homes (knock wood!). We have had barn damage in the past, but the house has held on nicely. (Am I tempting fate now?!) It's good to be able to visit your farm again...the chicken cha-cha photo was terrific! -Mary

  3. Fantastic photos ! Yes I have missed you. Glad all made it ok through the storms and that your puter is back up and running . I to miss blogging when things are down and out ! We have had some strange weather all right summer like temps to winter again right now it is raining/ice pellets coming down ! My flowers have bloomed had a frost the other night thankfully they survived dont know if they will after this storm I hope they do ! Have a good weekend !

    1. Thanks for missing us...I know there are oodles of blogs out there to follow, I appreciate you visiting here! With all this unusual weather, we're wondering what summer will bring...blazing hot or unusually cold? Ice pellets? Oh my! Keep warm & dry, -Mary

  4. I'm so glad you buzzed by. Your farm looks lovely. I live in California farm country, although we are not on a farm. Bummer about the electronics, but glad you were able to save things. So nice to meet you and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your farm life. Started following you so I can keep up.

  5. Thanks so much for coming to see us. (by the way, Picmonkey is great...made my day!) Today is, in my book, the perfect springtime day on the farm. Light breeze, sunshine, and about 60 degrees. Nice for getting "work" done outside...and for daydreaming!


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