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Friday, December 2

simple joys for December...

...be an elf! Surprise friends & neighbors with home-baked goodies, tie a wreath to your car bumper,
sing songs (who cares if we're off key?!), hang mistletoe, laugh, dance, take photos, make it the best time
of the year!

...settle in each night to read favorite Christmas books. Share the stories you loved hearing as a child.

...cozy up and watch classic holiday movies, pop popcorn, and make hot cocoa. You'll be making sweet memories that will last a lifetime.

...take a walk around your hometown and look in the shop windows and enjoy the twinkling lights on the
town square.

...get a live tree this year, or hang evergreen wreaths and swags around your home. There's nothing like the scent of fresh-cut greenery.

....sip eggnog and stir up some "real" hot cocoa (topped with whipped cream, of course!)

...light a fire in the fireplace to warm your toes.

...play Christmas music (it's okay, it's December now!) Pull our your favorites, then add some old classics to the mix like Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Perry Como. Oldies, yes...but goodies for sure.

...build a snowman or snowgirl...why not a whole snow family?!

...don't forget your animals at Christmas. Bake up some dog or cat treats, share crisp apple slices with horses, carrots for rabbits, and hang a wreath on the chicken coop!

...shovel snow for an elderly neighbor.

...read the Christmas story to your children (or grandchildren), hold hands, say a prayer, and make a Christmas wish. Take time to reflect on your blessings and slow down to enjoy the spirit of the season.

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