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Tuesday, November 22

how many eggs?

As the days grow shorter, we've been collecting fewer eggs...some days 6, some days only 4. Which is why we were so surprised a couple of days ago.

Little Man went out to visit the girls and collect the eggs. He called from the coop, "There are 13 eggs!"
Sweet Girl gave me a puzzled look, shook her head, then dashed to the coop just to make sure her brother had counted correctly. Why yes, he had.

How is this possible?! We gathered all the eggs the day before...it was late afternoon, and 4 were in the nest boxes. Let's do the math...even if the other 2 gals had decided to gift us with an egg each, the next day the most we would have counted would have been 8.

Our nearest neighbor just turned 76 years old...not the sort to sneak to the coop under the cover of darkness, add eggs, then dash back home for a good chuckle. Our other neighbors just aren't close to our home.

Of course anything is possible...however; I'm keeping my eyes open for a golden egg next!

the evidence...


  1. I hear ya! Every once in awhile our egg count just doesn't "add up"!


  2. Look at them! They're beautiful!

    I can't wait, can you tell? : )


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